The Restaurant

The Tribeca restaurant is a part of of the Catering Business Group Blauplat.

Created with the aim of offering a Mediterranean-style cuisine and market-style cuisine many years ago, and nowadays is a part of the landscape of the “Eixample”. Beside Rambla Catalunya, its convenient location allows you to enjoy the tranquility and good atmosphere without the bustling and frenetic pace of the city.

Every day we provide our clients a good daily menu, but we also offer our extensive “a la carte” and  a great Tasting Menu.

And of course, weekends and holidays we  do not miss the appointment with our customers by offering specially created menus for these days.

The Tribeca is named in honor of the New Yorker neighborhood TriBeCa, short for Triangle Belong Canal. TriBeCa was the heir to the artistic spirit of SoHo after the overcrowding of the latter, what made artists look for new places to install their studies further south of Canal Street, is today a great place if you want to visit art galleries and some of the best restaurants in the city, among which is the NY Tribeca Restaurant, owned by Robert de Niro.

Eating at Tribeca is a sensation … Enjoy good taste exquisite cuisine in a relaxed and calm, as if isolated from the world, but to open a door to dive in the heart of the Catalan capital … Barcelona

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